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  • Fully Designable Raw Template To Create Any Possible Site In The World. Works With A Templates You Can Buy Including Flash. No Cookie Cuter Look!

  • New! You Can Now Have A Separate Main Template For Your Members Area And A Separate Main Template For Your Logged Out Pages to Give Custom Feel For Your Sales Offer and Members Area.

  • New! CSS (Style Sheets) Option to Control All of The Fonts and Font Sizes In Your Site For Total Control.

  • New! SEO Fields To Place Your Keywords To Give Your Site Top Rankings In The Search Engine

  • Instant Home Page, Signup, Login, Lost Password, FAQ, And T.O.S. Pages

  • Any Custom Links Can Be Added To The Menu

    Links Can Be In Any Custom Order

    Links Can Be Set To Be Horizontal Or Vertical

  • New! You Can Now Add the Signup Form Right On The Home Page. No More Need To Click To Go to A Separate Signup Page.

  • New! You Can Now Not Even Ask For A Password On Sign Up. Just Name and Email Is All Needed. You Can Now Have Your Signup/Homepage Look Just Like A Squeeze Page. We Found That Asking For Passwords Will Lower Opt in Conversion. The System Will Allow The Member To Enter Password On Next Step In Members Area After OTO Sequence.

  • New! You Can Allow The System To Set A Random Password

  • Onetime Offer After Signup

  • New! New Down sell Option If OTO Is Passed Up

  • New! You Can Now Offer an 'Up Sell' To People After The Paid Onetime Offer.

  • Members Area with: Account Info, Newsletter, Affiliate Stats, Make Money Pages, Contest Standings, and Logout.

  • Any Custom Links Can Be Added To The Menu

  • Links Can Be In Any Custom Order

  • Links Can Be Set To Be Horizontal Or Vertical

  • Links Can Be Set To Only Open In A New Window

  • Links Can Be Set To Only Show To Certain Membership Levels Or Paid Customers.

  • New! Custom Logout Pages

  • Built In Affiliate Program with Custom Terms (Levels and Percentages, and JV Partners.)

  • Can Handle Split Pay Script for Affiliates or Regular Where you Mass Pay Monthly.

    Offer JV Partners a Higher Payout. Even Have Super JV Levels

  • New! Decide Who Gets Paid First On Split Pay. Admin Or Affiliate.

    Members can Email downline feature. On/Off

  • New! Members Detailed Commission Stats And Affiliate Stats For Members.

    Can Integrate with any Multi-Level Traffic Script for custom work.

  • Members Affiliate Promotion Tools Section with Affiliate Link ID's built in for, Tell-A-Friend, Email Letters, Safelist Letters, Ezine Ads, Articles, Press Release Copy, Blog Review Copy, Banners, Graphic Site Images, Top-Sponsor-Ads, Email Signatures, Forum Signatures, and Pop Up Code.

  • Main settings like: sitename, siteURL, PayPal and StormPay Email, with Integrated IPN, and email Templates, signup bonuses and promotion codes.

  • Comprehensive Members Search, and Quick Sort, and Filter. With Instant Password retrieval, Instant Login and All account info and Add member.

  • New! Reset One Time Offer For Any Member Or Global For Site

  • Upgrade Or Down Grade Any Member Or Members At The Click Of A Button

  • Activate/Deactivate/Suspend/Unsuspended or Delete Any Member

  • Built in Autoresponder and Broadcast feature with unsubscribe from account feature. Or Email Any Member Right From Members Search.

  • Built in Help Desk.

  • New! Add Races Or Contests For Your Members At The Click Of a Button.

  • Manage And Create Any Number of Membership Levels and Statuses. Set Different Prices And Affiliate Payouts Membership

  • Create Unlimited Number Of Products

  • Comprehensive Affiliate Commission management for your commission plan. Includes PayPal Mass Pay Txt File.

  • Create User Friendly Custom URLS

  • Enter Custom navigation links and place them any where you want at anytime. All handled through the your admin panel.

  • You can add new pages to your site right thru Admin at any time.

  • New! Full Transaction Log With Full Details and IP

  • Payment Gateway
    - Paypal
    - ClickBank

  • Easily Customize Any Of The Code Yourself or By Your Programmer if Your Choose. None of Our Code Is Encrypted. There Are No Limitations To What You Can Do!

  • Custom Login Messages Manager. You Can Now Set A Custom Welcome Page For Any Member After They Login. Great for Making Special Offers Or Announcements.

  • ou Can Now Enter A Custom Confirmation Code In Your Admin Panel That Is Sent Out In Your 3rd Party Auto Responder That Forces People To Double Opt In on Your Main List Before Getting Access To Your Gifts. No More Fake Emails like

  • Enter Custom navigation links and place them any where you want at anytime. All handled through the your admin panel. You can add new pages to your site right thru Admin/p>

  • Ability to Upload Multiple Payment Buttons and Images

  • Ability to Make Multiple Offers on One Page

  • 3rd Part Autoresponders
    - and

  • 3rd Part Autoresponders
    - And Any other email auto responder system

  • New! Ability To Set Affiliate Percentage to 100% of Regular Pay and Or Pay Affiliate To Their PayPal Account.

  • New! Added The Ability To Pay A Higher Affiliate Percentage To A Member For A Set Period Of Days After Signup To Motivate The Member To Promote The Site Hard And Fast After Signup.

  • New! Fully Secure Members Area Pages

  • Fully Secure Payment Transactions and Order Buttons.

  • New! Members Have A Private Journal

  • New! Promotion Codes Can Be Given To Be Used To Offer Special Upgrades On Your Signup Forms and Sales Pages.

  • New! Full Use Of {TAGS} like {FIRSTNAME} on all Page on the Site Including All Out Going Email Messages.

  • New! Added Full Calendar Feature For Members To Use With Their Journal.

  • New! Admin Has A Detailed Notes System To Keep Track of Any Notes Needed You May Want to Remark on Any Member.

  • New! Members Can See Performance Stats If Allowed By Admin

  • New! Admin Can Activate A Full Profile Directory For Members To Be Able To Contact And View Other Members.

  • New! Track What Members Have Logged in or Not Logged in for a Given Time Period.

  • New! Comprehensive Affiliate Commission management for your commission plan. Includes PayPal Mass Pay Txt File.

  • New! Enter Custom navigation links and place them any where you want at anytime. All handled through the your admin panel. You can add new pages to your site right thru Admin

  • New! Split Test Administrator Panel. This feature will allow you to split test Headlines or sales copy or anything you want to increase conversions.

  • "$63,249 In Sales In 24 Hours"

    First off I just want to say thank you so much!

    The techniques I learned from Butterfly Marketing played a BIG part in helping me make $63,249 in sales in 24 hours!!

    As I write this I'm still finding it hard to believe. It seems a lifetime ago that the BFM package landed on my doorstep and I started poring over it with my smile getting larger and wider with each new insight as I realized that as long as I APPLIED what I was learning the principles were going to make something BIG happen!

    Little did I know just HOW BIG it would be when I launched AdSense Videos...

    The site went live. My life changed forever - seriously the results have been incredible Mike - we've grossed over $200,000 in 7 days!! The site got an Alexa ranking on Launch Day of 351!

    Where to start! I think one of the biggest things was the step-by-step approach. Everything I created for Affiliates, Joint Venture partners and for people going through the videos themselves has been step-by-step. I made everything as easy as I could and 'Muppet-proof' as I like to call it!

    I also realized that it's paying attention to the smaller details BEFORE launch that really pay dividends AFTER the Launch. And BOY am I seeing that!

    You gave some absolute gems of advice in your Butterfly Marketing Manuscript which have, without a shadow of a doubt, contributed in a big way to the overall success of AdSense Videos.

    Thanks Again!
  • "$101,256... My Biggest Month Ever!"

    Hi Mike,

    It's Jim Daniels. I had to send a BIG Thank You to you. Your new techniques played a HUGE role in my biggest month ever!

    So far in Just May my new site has processed 723 sales and grossed $101,256.

    It could never have happened if I didn't read your Butterfly Marketing Manuscript.

  • "$12,668 and 5,408 Opt in Members In Just 10 Days"

    Hi Mike,

    I’ve launched 3 sites this year using the Butterfly Marketing principles and the amazing, turnkey software you provided. Each successive launch gets better and better.

    The idea for my latest site came from your manual and I just followed exactly what you told me to do and that site gave me my biggest month online…BY FAR!

    We’re talking OVER $12,000 in just 4 days!

    And a HYPER-RESPONSIVE LIST of OVER 5,000 people…and it keeps GROWING every day WITHOUT spending a DIME…

    Every week I pick up the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript or listen to those amazing confidential conversations you did with the likes of Rich Schefren, Craig Perrine, Michel Fortin and Gary Ambrose and every time I take away yet another golden nugget that I implement and immediately make MORE MONEY from it. Why?

    Because this awesome package is completely, 100% different than anything, ANYTHING that I’ve ever seen. Talk about drinking from a FIRE HOSE

    You revealed EVERYTHING that got you to where you are online and I now have all the tools, strategies and the mindset to get there too!

    Your tactics and techniques and insider information have totally changed my online presence FOREVER. Just months after my first launch, people are coming up to ME for advice and help in building their online business.

    Anyone who is serious about being successful online MUST have Butterfly Marketing in their hands because their competition probably already does!

  • "$5,000 Every Month..."


    I wanted to write and send you a HUGE thanks! Your Butterfly Marketing strategies and tactics have taken my business to a whole new level!

    Where I was struggling to build an option list before (only 1200 in about four years), I used your strategies to build a list of over 5,000 in just one month.

    I continue to use what I have learned to earn a consistent income from marketing to my members. I sometimes sit around and think about how much time and energy I wasted before by doing almost everything wrong! But not anymore!

    Every time I pick up the manuscript and reread a section, I learn something new! And I put it into action!

    My track record BEFORE Butterfly Marketing: Three products, a hosting business and a script installation business - earning about (on average) $250 per month.

    AFTER Butterfly Marketing: Two HUGELY successful site launches, a list of over 5,000 members, five figure launches BOTH times, and a consistent income of more than $5,000 every month.

    And I'm just getting started! Thanks Mike!

  • "$103,000 In Just 7 Days"

    Dear Mike,

    I have absolutely devoured every piece of information you have given me...When I read the manuscript I knew I finally had the information that would make it possible for me to do a six figure launch...

    At that point I am sure most people would say "Ok so you think you have the information but doing it is a different story"....

    Well Mike, I actually did it. In less than 7 days I generated over $103,000!! I didn't stop there either.

    I purposely took your Manuscript secrets and used it to generate over $30,000 every month since then!

    You have been an inspiration to me Mike and it would no be right if I didn't return the favor in some way so I did what anyone would do in my position...

    I created my own success story. I taught just a handful of the techniques outlined in the Manuscript to a complete newbie and within 2 weeks starting with absolutely no knowledge in internet marketing...

    He (my friend) was able to generate over $8,000 in 14 days!

    I sincerely thank you and hope that anyone serious about creating an online wealth empire will read your Manuscript and devour it with every fiber of their being!

  • "80,000 Dollars In Only 7 Days"

    "If you want to be successful, then you need to learn from someone who is ALREADY successful, and Mike Filsaime is a TRUE Internet success story!

    In just a few years, I have witnessed Mike Filsaime transform himself from a "small time" affiliate marketer into a business owner with a massive network of sites reaching over 300,000 members.

    The information contained in Butterfly Marketing, along with the case studies, is extremely beneficial to anyone serious about learning cutting-edge Internet marketing strategies that create cash on demand.

    Just one of the ideas presented in ‘Butterfly Marketing’ has recently helped me make over 80,000 dollars in only 7 days and I’m very excited about trying out his other secrets.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and years of experience with us in this course. You have truly over-delivered!"

    Your Friend,

  • "Helped Me Become a NY Times Best Seller!"


    After reading The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript I immediately applied just one technique, and that one idea alone caused an amazing 50% increase in sales of a product that had been stagnant up to that point.

    Recently, I took my product to a publisher and when we released it I used a few more secrets I learned from The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript and I was able to become and #1 Best seller.

    The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript helped me get to #1 at Amazon! Had I not applied what I learned from this manuscript, I am sure I would have cracked the Top Ten, but I am very confident that I never would have reached #1.

    Any one can get a Top Ten, but having a #1 Amazon Best seller opened up the doors to getting my book picked up by the major retailers. Since then, sales have sky rocketed. I do not know what to say other than, "THANK YOU MIKE!"

  • "$100,000 In 7 Days!"

    "After reading about, and listening to audio recordings discussing strategic sales which I nabbed in a copy of Mike Filsaime's Butterfly Marketing Course, I became convinced that one of his topics was a very viable short-term business model.

    If you get a chance, I recommend checking out Mike Filsaime's Butterfly Marketing Manuscript.

    That sale generated six-figures in a week. And after 10 years online, it played an important role in helping me achieve my biggest day online ever reaching sales of over $28,000 in 24 hours.

    To roll out the sale, I used a lot of the techniques taught by Mike in his Butterfly Marketing Course.

    The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript really floored me. I've been in this business since 1996, and have a good grasp of online marketing.

    Yet I found myself sitting there with highlighter in hand... marking up all of the things I was going to implement within the next month.

    I estimate that Butterfly Marketing Manuscript techniques increased my bottom line by at least 10% since I implemented those things that I marked up.

    Since I use a process of continuous improvement, and experience constant business growth anyway, that's a significant contribution due solely to The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript.